Being Rich Should Be Illegal

Being rich means having the ability to control a large sum of money, but money is just an abstract representation of two things:  human effort and a supply of natural resources.  Physically, a single person can only expend a limited amount of effort, and there is no way for him/her to extract a large supply of natural resources by him/herself.

Most of the money a person “makes” or “earns” is money he/she acquired with the help of other people (co-workers and consumers).  Therefore that money should be shared with those other people, by either paying a decent wage or growing the business.

Giving a single person the power to spend anything greater than a middle-class income on personal expenses indicates that person has somehow acquired more money than he/she deserved.  It means there is an unfair distribution of the shared wealth, which means someone is being exploited, and this should be illegal.

Rich people, what I’m basically saying is that it isn’t your money.  All that money you think is yours is money you took from someone else.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not suggesting that money belongs to the government either.  This isn’t about redistributing wealth to random beggars.  This is about fairly distributing wealth in the first place (which would hopefully decrease the number of beggars who’ve been left out in the cold).  People who don’t contribute aren’t entitled to anything and should be grateful to get anything, but wealth rightfully belongs to all the people who actually helped create it, not simply to those at the top.

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